Sunday, November 7, 2010

Frivolity, Thy Name Is Nikon

Everyone who is not saintly (aka ME) has an item on their I-Wish-I-Could-Get-This-For-Christmas-But-It's-Too-Expensive-To-Ask-Someone-To-Get-It list, so it remains a fanciful idea that remains annoyingly out of reach. Mine isn't even that expensive--I don't want a Ferrari or anything. I just want a cool DSLR camera. Like this one.

It's sassy and cool. I could use it to blog with or document life with--without having to take great pains to set the conditions for a decent picture. 
Amy's definition of frivolity-- something that costs a lot of money with which other, more practical things could be bought.

This frivolous. Sigh.


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