Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Serve Me Up a Piece of That Humble...Macaroni

I have a confession to make.

I cannot make macaroni and cheese to save my life.

Don't be fooled. This will destroy your taste buds.

Around the holidays, it has become a running joke that I will inevitably, no matter how hard I try, mess up on the macaroni. Every year, I do extensive research into this matter: I eat mac and cheese whenever it's offered on a menu. I riffle through cookbooks and food blogs to find different approaches. I study every motion the chefs make on Food Network when they're crafting the dish. I can't even put my nerdy study powers to good use; if mac and cheese were a course, I'd get an F every time--followed by a "You'll shoot your eye out!"

Oh, A Christmas Story. I look forward to watching you this month.

I've tried random cookbook recipes--the baked mixture came out like scrambled eggs. I tried Alton Brown's stovetop variety (pictured above--from the night before Thanksgiving, so I wouldn't have to incur too much shame on the actual day). The flavor was inexplicably off (too much zip? probably too much cheddar?), but I enjoyed the creamy texture. I even messed up the Pioneer Woman's.

Sorry, Ree. I have failed you.

And so, dear friends, I humbly ask for your wisdom: what is YOUR mac and cheese recipe? Is it a tried-and-true favorite, or is it a recipe that caught your eye but haven't tried yet? Maybe it's your great-aunt Myrtle's secret recipe, and you'll sell it to me for $5--I'm a desperate woman, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Either way, I'm going to pick one of your recipes and offer a step-by-step photo display of my actions. 

Think about it--you'll be getting a lot of good karma for helping a sister out. And if this recipe works out, I'll probably be naming a child cat after you. It's quite a distinct honor.

(insert your name here)

I only have one plea: HELP!!

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