Friday, January 7, 2011

How To: Beautifully Crimp Your Pie Crust

This week, I haven't been around my laptop much.

I've actually been spending time with my family before I start my last semester of school...on Monday.

There has been much sleeping in, Mario Kart, late-night sweets, and giggly nonsense. I've gotten used to living at home again, and I'd rather not go back to the grind. In fact, I would say that I'd be a great professional hermit!

Any takers? Any at all??


In order to boost my portfolio in professional hermitism, I've decided to include a tutorial for making a pretty pie crust. I figure if I'm going to be a good hermit, I better make myself useful, right?


I've gotten many inquiries as to how I crimp my edges on my pies...which is completely ironic because I don't know anyone who crimps their edges like me. I just figured I was always doing it wrong. 

Oh, irony. You never fail to impress me!

To take these photos, I forced enlisted the help of my amazingly talented twelve-year-old sister. She's the master behind the photography you'll see today. 

Hi, Mariah! You're awesome, and I love you a lot.

First, you should have an unbaked pie crust in your possession. You can purchase one in the little red box at the store...but why do that when you can make this one? The items are in your pantry. Right now. Or my demon cat's name isn't Lucy.

You're right. It's Lucifer. 



But only slightly.

Pick a place to start on your pie. It kinda doesn't matter because your pie will be a circle. 

Unless you're my freshman geometry teacher and you make square pies to instill that the area of a circle is "pies are squared." 

Pi * r 2. Get it?! Apparently, I did. I also remember that to teach us how to calculate sine, cosine, and tangent, she came up with this pneumonic: Old Hippies Are High On Acid. 

She definitely should've gotten paid more.


We now return to our regularly scheduled program already in progress. 

See what's going on here? All you have to do is take your two index fingers, press down on the dough, and push them together to make a little peak. 

Once you continue around the circle, you'll begin to notice your fingers making a loop motion--almost like you're making a J.

I hope that's not as clear as mud. If it is, I'll say this: make it look like the picture.

How's that for helpful?

I have a way with words. I am an English major.

Seriously, repeating that motion around the crust will make a beautifully crimped edge. And the beauty of pattern repetition doesn't stop at pie crusts. Repeating patterns will take you big places when you're piping the edges on a cake or placing fruit in a tart. The human eye can't get enough of a nice pattern; the little things really do take us a long way.

And there you have it: a beautiful pie crust that will serve you well in a variety of mediums.

Like this one.

It only takes a few minutes to give your pie some class, so why not? 

So...about that position as a professional hermit...

Still no?



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