Monday, June 6, 2011

My Great Chain of Being (or...completely random concerns aired for all to see)

Entertaining, yet unrelated to anything--much like this post

1. This "no homework forever!" thing . . . it's kinda the best thing ever. I was such a drilled student that I still chide myself for not busily writing a paper at 9 pm. It's like waking up from a nightmare and remembering that your life was much better than you thought it was 5 seconds ago.

2. It's ridiculously scorching here in Tennessee. So I decided to make a smoothie for breakfast.

New compulsive breakfast habit = found

3. Our official move-in date is FRIDAY. I am so ready to be an un-homeless-vagabond.

Someday, we'll talk about all the fun in acquiring this property.


Now . . . it's just too soon.

4. I really like labeled containers.

5. What do you eat with mango salsa besides caribbean dishes?

6. I have decided to become more of a dress-wearer. I blame this on the EXTREME heat, but I think it's a wise fashion choice for me.

7. I'm 5'2. Have I ever told you that?

8. Here's where that fact comes in handy: I seriously can't reach the top shelf of my new kitchen cabinets. Not even close on the tip-toes. I'm going to have to find some real estate on the bottom ones before it's too late.

9. Justin Wright takes the prettiest wedding photos ever:

10. *insert witty thought here*

What are you guys up to?

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