Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What do Grendel and a Jail Cell Have in Common?

I have a place to live now.

This is the outside! It's a four-story townhouse in a developing part of Nashville perfect for young professionals (=me). While I was driving to the first showing, I couldn't keep my oohs and ahhs to myself--the neighborhood is just too cute! There are boutiques, froyo shops, cupcake stores, a dog park, and a beautiful creek that runs along the edge of the development. I cannot believe I actually have an address there. 

The top floor is a loft and belongs to yours truly. 

Can I get an amen?!

It's kinda huge. As in, 20x11 kinda huge. 

And please don't laugh at me...but I have absolutely NO furniture to my name. Not even a bed. 

And also don't laugh...but I have NO visual creativity in my body. I'm serious. When we read Beowulf in my senior English class in high school, our no-nonsense 75-year-old teacher decided we were going to make Grendel puppets out of brown paper bags. And she showed us her puppet first so we wouldn't feel bad about our lack of artistic ability. So I worked really, really hard on my Grendel puppet; I mean, how often do you get to break out little googly eyes your senior year of high school? I was so excited to turn mine in. When Mrs. Hardin went through our stack of heinous puppets, she laughed as each was more ridiculous than the next. When she got to mine, she paused. She cocked her eyebrow to the side...then she cocked the puppet to the side. She looked at me and said, "This. Is ugly." And she put it down without another word.

I can't make puppets of fictional monsters. The only thing I've ever had on my walls in the dorm is a plethora of "Happy Birthday!" signs in different languages a friend made for me and pasted on my wall. In March. My senior year. Many have compared my dwelling places to prison cells. 


I'd rather this cute little place, amidst cupcake shops and boutiques, to be compared to a prison. 

Soooooo...I have decided to turn to YOU, my wonderful friends, for some guidance.

Where do you get design inspiration? What's been the best furniture deal you've found? Do you have any favorite Etsy dealers? Wanna come to Nashville and decorate my room in exchange for a hug and some cookies??!

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