Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Culinary Christmas

So here is my Christmas post. Five days after Christmas.

I never said I was punctual.

So here are a few things that Santa blessed me with for the coming year. He really knows how to hook a girl up!

Shiny new all-purpose tools with a pretty canister to hold them--a must for any kitchen. I am especially fond of the slotted spoon, as it has a long handle that has already prevented me from burning myself while cooking pasta. Score for you, slotted spoon!

A brand-new rolling pin--the better to make biscuits and pie crusts with, my dear.

Wait a minute...who's that lurking on my sweet new tool?

Well, it's none other than my BFF Paula! Hello! My hips and I love your work!

A sturdy, dark cookie sheet. Nothing has stuck to this bad boy yet.


Oh my.


These were most definitely unsolicited--as were all my other gifts--but whoa. These babies took me by surprise.

I could hardly force myself to open the box because I wanted them to stay as pretty as their picture.

Finally, I managed to crack the lid. 

I stared at this for approximately 5 minutes. No lie.

I psyched myself up to move off the lid.

And I decided to play it cool.

Oh. Hello, there.

Do you come around here often?

Maybeeeeeee I'll just see you in a few years when I'm more responsible days.


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